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If you are talented with social networks, building communities on the internet and making them grow, if you are results oriented, analytical and very hungry professional, read on! Then we would be delighted to work with you.
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09/08/2017 19:57
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Who are we?

At Trafilea, we work in marketing that changes people’s lives. We are a leading Internet marketing company based in Latin America, focused on affiliate marketing and e-commerce. From day one we have grown (and continue to grow) thanks to passionate talents from around the world whose purpose is aligned with our mission: to change people's lives.

We are currently looking for 2 part-time Social Media Managers, but we project that in 3 months’ time they will be able to join us full time on this journey.

First, we will discuss your lifestyle when working with Trafilea and then we will go into details of what we are looking for.

Live Anywhere:

We are a virtual team and you can live and work wherever you want. Proximity does not dictate productivity. Just make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

Go on Vacation (seriously):

Yes, we are growing and need people who are active participants and who give us their full attention. But we want you to take your vacations! It’s important to go out and do that.

Grow Professionally:

We are serious about helping our employees grow exponentially. We have a budget for it! Think of conferences, networking events, dedicated outside of work time to learn something new ... It's up to you and your manager, but we love watching our people grow.

Grow with Us!

Within 3 years we have built a talented team of more than 150 members and have tripled the size of the company.
Now we want you to help us continue to grow and change people's lives on a global scale. Are you ready for the task?

About the Job

The persons we are looking for must build communities on social networks in our sites to send traffic to them and grow our presence in social networks. We currently have 2 sites in English and 4 Portuguese.

We will be adding 2 members to our team: one for projects in English and one for projects in Portuguese. 
The 6 sites deal with the following topics: health, fitness, beauty, supplements, and the products associated with them, etc. But we are constantly opening up to new themes, which requires the people we hire for these two positions be able to master different themes and understand the public and their way of thinking.

Our main activity is to convert the public and fans into subscribers and/or clients. This is why it’s really important that the candidates are persuasive and have experience in marketing and conversions (leads, client, recurrent client). While our audience is converted on our sites, they come through our social networks, which is why it’s very important to know the strategies that inspire people to convert.

It’s also important that the candidates always think about systematizing and automating the different processes involved, since we handle many projects of different magnitudes and this part is fundamental so that we can fulfill all the objectives.

Your Day-to-Day will look something like:

1. Build active and participatory communities in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others).
2. Design high impact strategies for the conversions of our sites and their weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
3. Simultaneously manage a team of people for the execution of strategies (messages in social networks and moderators in sites). This team does not currently exist, so you will be aiding us in the creation of this team.


1. Verifiable experience in creating and maintaining active communities on social networks.
2. Availability of 4hs daily from Monday to Friday, with clear projection that in 3 months (or less) the work will increase to 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday.
3. Be a native Spanish speaker.
4. Additional languages: for both projects (English and Brazilian Portuguese) the candidates must manage their respective languages at native levels. Whether they lived for a time in those countries or are currently living in them. We want to remind you that there is one vacancy for each respective language.
5. Experience in team management.
6. Experience in projects related to e-commerce and blogging will be highly valued.

What to expect

The company offers a work of 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday at the beginning with the possibility to work 8 hours a day in the short term.

What we have to offer you

Life-changing growth opportunities
Competitive salary plus variable result oriented compensation plan
You will also have access to awesome leadership team prizes based on team performance.

If After Reading This Job Post You Still Feel this Opportunity Is for You... Please, Apply Now!


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